Monday, January 26, 2009


We imagine that, perhaps, if we'd been in our late 20s in 1977, we would be better prepared for this film. But we hadn't even been born yet in 1977, when the real Nixon interviews took place. This was a different kind of movie, made a little bit like a documentary, with many actors playing many recognizable characters like Neil Diamond, Hugh Hefner, Diane Sawyer, and Nixon himself. We like it, but I think we both agree that it won't win the Best Picture Oscar. It's certainly worth seeing, though. It's very dramatic. And in the end, you end up feeling sorry for President Nixon, even though he's supposedly the "bad guy".

The other day, Brooke and I were watching an episode of The Andy Griffith Show in which Opie gets a job at the grocery store. Andy is so proud. And Goober and Floyd start talking about how they believe that one day Opie would grow up to be an astronaut or doctor or something else big. It's funny to be such a fan of that TV show, and then watch a movie like Frost/Nixon, directed by Ron Howard, and picture Opie behind the camera, telling people what to do.

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