Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knowing, and The Day The Earth Stood Still

Let's start with the one that's easiest to criticize. For one thing, Knowing stars Nicholas Cage, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't quite believe that he's an astrophysicist widower whose son happens upon the biggest secret of all. For another thing, the way the story ends is a let down. Whether that means it wasn't exciting enough, or wasn't sentimental enough, or wasn't believable enough, we're not sure. But we like Mr. Cage better in Family Man, where he's supposed to be a little bit crazy and a little bit funny.

The Day The Earth Stood Still was even worse in many ways, the classic, spooky 1951 original notwithstanding. Brooke hates alien movies generally, while I go in with an open mind. But I couldn't help thinking as we watched: How many times can New York City be destroyed in a Hollywood movie? What is the likelihood that aliens would land in Central Park?

We just think Hollywood should put its thinking cap on and produce science fiction that is more creative and stunning than these films.

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