Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek

We've never been big fans of Star Trek stuff at all. I've never watched a complete episode or movie in my life. When Brooke was a kid, she and her brother would watch it, but Brooke's even less of a sci-fi fan than I am.

But we both loved this movie! The critics are right: It is "this year's Iron Man" (Los Angeles Times). Even if you know nothing about the background story, it's okay, because this film fills you in on everything. It's easy and fun to watch, and has just the right balance of humor, emotion, special effects, science jargon, and alien stuff. It takes you back to the beginning, when Kirk and Spock were young and just beginning their careers in Starfleet.

We weren't interested in the X Men, so this was our first "big summer movie" of 2009. Hope you can check it out!

Next week: Angels and Demons.

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