Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Blind Side

In The Blind Side, based on a remarkable true story, Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw play married Ole Miss alumni who live in a mansion in Memphis, have raised a bright, pretty family, are proud of their Christianity and conservative republican politics, and can afford to send their children to a highly selective private school. But their world changes when Ms. Bullock's character compassionately decides to take in "Big Mike", a huge, quiet teenager from "the other side of town" where drugs and gang violence are common. We soon learn that Big Mike has had a very troubled past, that he is homeless, that he has no real family, and that he doesn't like being called Big Mike. So what started as one night of compassion becomes a family's project.

It's not until the end of the film that there is any real tension or suspense. What we're given instead is a warm, straight-as-an-arrow tale of heartfelt charity and rags-to-riches inspiration. There are also very watchable cameo appearances by the likes of Phillip Fulmer, Tommy Tuberville, Nick Saban, Houston Nutt, and Lou Holtz, among others. Throw in some real-life footage of the real-life protagonist winning a draft spot with the Baltimore Ravens in 2009, and we've got a winner. So Brooke and I both thoroughly enjoyed it.

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