Monday, January 11, 2010

Julie & Julia

What a fun movie! For once, a film's main characters are women, but the plot has nothing to do with their pursuit of men. This isn't a romantic comedy. It's a very well-executed, upbeat and uplifting telling of two remarkable stories.

One of those stories is more remarkable than the other, needless to say--and in more ways than one. Julia Child is portrayed with absolute perfection by Meryl Streep. Brooke doesn't really like Meryl Steep, and for some reason I also don't put her on my list of favorite actors. But in this movie she becomes the famous cook, through and through. And her story of transition from a bored housewife in post-war France to a world-renowned culinary teacher is presented with just the right balance of humor and respect.

Simultaneously we look in on another story of transition, as Julie (Amy Adams--good, but no Meryl Streep) changes from a bored New York woman into a New York woman with a renewed sense of accomplishment and livelihood. This story is the one the movie is really based upon, but its significance seems to pale in comparison to that of Julia Child.

And oh yeah, this film will make you hungry. For lobster. And beef. And fruity desserts. And butter. And lots of other things.

Brooke: B
Grant: A-

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Jenny said...

We loved this movie! And it definitely made me want to go to culinary school :) And eat a lot. Like Julia, I am also good at eating.