Saturday, January 9, 2010

Leap Year

The roads were really icy Friday night. But Brooke and I had been stuck inside the house all day (enjoying our snow day off of work!) so we were happy to meet my brother Evan and his wife Amy for dinner at Pizza Hut and a chick flick. Not that there's anything wrong with chick flicks...

...But there is something wrong with Leap Year: It was far too unoriginal! A girl goes to Ireland and falls in love with someone unexpected when she least expects it. But the audience expects it. There is a herd of cattle blocking the road, a quaint little village full of old Irishmen but lacking in modern necessities of life, an American boyfriend who just....isn't Irish, and a wedding scene during which the lead character makes a fool of herself.

But I wish Brooke would start posting on the blog! Because she can look past the faults of a film like this and enjoy it simply as a nice little love story set in a beautiful country in which several modestly funny events take place. I criticize it because it's so predictable; she enjoys it for the same reason. Hmm.....

Some things about which we definitely agree: Amy Adams is a terrific actor, John Lithgow's appearance as Anna's father early in the film is really funny, Ireland is a beautiful country, and a woman should never marry a man simply to help acquire a more fashionable apartment.

Brooke: B+
Grant: D

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