Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Michael Jackson's This Is It

This is almost two hours of compiled footage, mostly recorded during rehersals for Jackson's planned 50-show concert run in London. The first show was to have been barely a week after his death.

The documentary accomplishes three things that were most significant to us. First, it makes Michael Jackson seem far less strange. Sure, he's still dressed in wild outfits and is leading a life to which we can't relate. But by the end of the film you really feel like you know him better, and you feel like he's quite normal and someone you might find yourself having lunch with. And that's saying something, considering how he's been lampooned over the years.

Second, he seems perfectly healthy. He's really thin, and his voice is still impossibly high-pitched. But while watching him reherse his dance moves and instruct his band you never question his ability to perform. He's running all over the stage, and holding those long notes just fine.

And third, this movie really made us wish the concerts could have happened (and that we could have gone to one!) because you can tell: it would have been an unforgettable spectacle.

Brooke: A
Grant: A

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