Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Fighter

Christian Bale takes a break from his Batman duties to portray real-life 1970s boxer Dicky Eklund in this excellent movie directed by David O. Russell. Dicky is the definition of washed-up. Having once been nicknamed the "Pride" of Lowell, Massachusetts for (probably) knocking down Sugar Ray Leonard, he is deep into cocaine addiction and a mere shadow of his former self. But that doesn't stop him from feverishly trying to help his younger half-brother Mickey, played by Mark Wahlberg, to take a star turn in the ring.

Amy Adams, portraying a local bartender, is like a ray of sunshine in Mickey's life--and likewise for viewers watching the film--because she seems to be the only one with a head on her shoulders who's also willing to talk some sense into Mickey and make him see that his family is actually holding him back from his dreams rather than helping him.

The Massachusetts accents here are the best I've heard in a film, and the purposefully shaky camerawork draws you into the story. Despite the obvious boxing movie cliches and easy comparisons with other similar films, The Fighter is a stand-out and will liley get a Best Picture nomination.

Brooke: B
Grant: A

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