Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And The Nominees Are...

Oscar nominees were announced yesterday, and the favorite is The King's Speech, and we agree that it probably will win. If it doesn't, we feel like its strongest competition is The Social Network.

As for the others in the crowd, Brooke and I have seen all of them but two: Winter's Bone and The Kids Are All Right. It is such a good thing that the masterpiece Toy Story 3 was nominated, but it probably doesn't have a realistic shot at winning since it was also nominated in the Animated Feature category and since it probably wouldn't be nominted in a field of five films rather than ten. On the other side of the storytelling spectrum, dark and disturbing Black Swan probably would still be nominated in a field of five, but likely won't win simply because it's a horror film and seems a little bit campier than '90s winner The Silence of the Lambs. Having said that, it's difficult to imagine anyone other than Natalie Portman accepting the Lead Actress trophy.

Christopher Nolan's Inception is hurt by its summertime opening date and mainstream appeal. Everybody knows that Oscar winners more often than not are films the majority of Americans have never seen; remember last year when The Hurt Locker won at Avatar's expense! Ugh!

The most enjoyable nominee is True Grit--and by this we mean it is the one we'd be most likely to watch multiple times in the future. It does stand a solid chance at taking some of the biggest awards, thanks to its directors, Joel and Ethan Coen, whom Academy votors adore with good reason. It is nominated in ten different categories.

The Fighter and 127 Hours both stand a better chance of garnering directing or acting awards than the Best Picture one. Colin Firth will probably win for lead actor, but James Franco (127 Hours) is the one we'd vote for if we had the chance.

We'll post another blog later and talk about which people and films, in our humble (and meaningless) opinions might have gotten "snubbed".

Here's a list of the Best Picture nominees with links to our little reviews about them:

Toy Story 3: http://http//
Inception: http://http//
True Grit: http://http//
Winter's Bone: Haven't seen it yet!
The Fighter: http://http//
127 Hours: http://http//
The King's Speech: http://http//
Black Swan: http://http//
The Social Network: http://http//
The Kids Are All Right: Haven't seen it yet!

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