Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Go With It

We both enjoyed this pleasantly funny film. The dependable Adam Sandler plays a somewhat wealthy plastic surgeon, Danny, who, though charming and reasonably good-looking, can't manage a romantic relationship that lasts much beyond one night. We are told (rather, shown) that this is the result of a long-ago broken heart. Anyway, he is shocked when he realizes he is quickly falling for a much younger girl, Palmer, played just right by Brooklyn Decker.

What Danny only realizes later (and I don't think we're giving anything away here) is that his office assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Anniston) isn't so bad herself; in fact, Katherine might just be Danny's dream woman, hiding for all those years right under his nose. She even has young kids who are hilarious, especially when in the presence of Mr. Sandler, who is just a big kid himself.

The problem with too many romantic comedies is that they often fail to be genuinely romantic or even mildly funny, instead relying too heavily on impossible settings or the kind of vulgar humor that seems directed mainly at teenaged boys. Here, though, we have a winner, thanks to Mr. Sandler's ad libbing and praise-worthy support from Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews, Nick Swardson, and more. Throw in a luxurious but not over-the-top Hawaiian resort and a few goofy plastic surgery addicts, and Just Go With It turns out to be the best romantic comedy we've seen in at least a year. But couldn't they have thought of a better title?

Brooke: A
Grant: B+

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