Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

This is a solid film for this time of the year. Matt Damon plays a U.S. congressman who is running for Senate in New York. He is young and single (of course!) and meets a beautiful woman (Emily Blunt) on election night. This encounter seems completely random--but is it? Just as swiftly as we get to know the politician and his girl, we also are provided intriguing glimpses of the secretive men who "make sure things go according to plan". In this case, the word "plan" really ought to be capitalized (The Plan), since a God-like unseen figure referred to as The Chairman is the one who writes it and the only one who can change it. How The Plan relates to the aspiring young couple is the crux of the film. Or, rather, how they attempt to exercise free will is.

Though it ended a bit too abruptly, The Adjustment Bureau takes its place alongside last year's Inception as a film that makes you think. But while Inception excelled with a careful self-importance and outstanding special effects, The Adjustment Bureau can boast true romance and doesn't take itself as seriously as you might think. Mr. Damon and Ms. Blunt have chemistry, and in the end that's the ingredient that makes this film rise above many of the rest.

Brooke: B
Grant: B

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