Monday, May 9, 2011


There is a period of about twenty minutes near the beginning of this film that made us question whether we'd strayed way too far into the fantasy genre. Thor's homeland on a distant planet is beautiful, and this sequence was necessary to provide a plot foundation for the remainder of the movie, but the enjoyment really starts when things get back to Earth--literally. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) finds himself abandoned in the realm of the United States and he is desperate to return home, make amends with his father (Anthony Hopkins), and save his kingdom from tyranny and destruction. But there are two things frustrating his plan, and perhaps foremost on his mind is a pretty and sheepish astrophysicist (Natlie Portman). Rene Russo also makes an appearance as Thor's mother. This is no Spider-Man or Iron Man, but it holds its own with a quick pace, amazing effects (we saw it in 2D) and subtle references to other Marvel comic book stories whose own film adaptations are forthcoming.

Brooke: B-
Grant: B-

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